Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 - WIP: "Indian Elephant" by Ross Originals

This is what I'm expecting to be my first completion of 2015 since I don't plan to work on anything else until I'm finished. Obviously things almost never work out the way I plan them, but I can keep on dreaming, right? A friend from our church choir asked if I could stitch a realistic looking elephant. Thank goodness for Ross Originals!!!

Hopefully I can update this every week, give or take a day or two. Wish me luck!

December 8, 2014
The first stitch went into 32 count jobelan on November 15th of 2014.  Silkweaver calls it Antique Gold. My camera calls it Blinding Blizzard White. My camera lies.

I realize that November ushers in Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas chaos of all sorts, but this is really pathetic for 3 weeks of work. Hopefully Donna will be okay with waiting until Easter to see this finished. At this rate it'll be Easter of 2020, but who's counting?

January 5, 2015
Not much of an improvement as far as progress goes, but at least there's some sort of visible evidence that I'm not completely ignoring my commitments.

So far it's been an easy stitch, but then again, all the Ross Originals I've worked have been clear, easy to read charts.  My only complaint about them is that they are always folded and the center point of the fold, as expected, is typically the center of the chart.  After the fourth or fifth time of folding open and closed, that center point is usually worn into an adorable little hole. If you decide you'd like to stitch one of their patterns, I highly recommend you find someone who can make a working copy from an oversized chart.  If not, you can do what I did...  I took a photo of the center section of the chart.  When I get that far, at least I can stitch from the photo instead of struggling to read frayed and worn paper.

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