Monday, December 29, 2014

Completions for 2006

It's been four years since I've completed a project. Depressing, huh? Now I'm starting to stitch again and I'm working on finishing at least three WIPs. Here's hoping there aren't more lying around waiting to ambush me. On a good note, when I do finally start finishing them off, at least I get to start filling up more pages again.  And then I get to start buying more materials, more patterns, more fabrics, more...



Hubby's gonna kill me.

"Graduate Keepsake" from Jemini Designs 

Welp, it's the first completion of the year. First completion in a few years, actually.  Figures the year is already almost half over. :) This one took me six days to complete, then another two months to wait for the graduation ceremony so I could get my grubby paws on the tassel. I was originally concerned with the colors because I had been told the tassel would be off white, but the graduate wanted gray and red. Imagine my shock and pleasure to discover the tassel to be the exact shade of gray I'd stitched with! The finished project has since been mounted in a shadowbox my husband built and the recipient was very happy with it. (Not that he'd have told us if he thought it was terrible.) *grin*

Bedtime Bear Latch Hook

Another latch hook rather than a cross stitch design. This one was promised to my little girl a few months ago and since I've been going through the house preparing for a move, I stumbled across it and decided to spend a few days finishing it for her. I don't still have any of the packaging for this one, so I'm afraid I can't offer much information about who released it. I have seen other members of this collection at Walmart and our local Hobby Lobby, though.

"We Were Blessed" using elements from Stoney Creek's "Flowers and Verse" and "The Omnibook of Winged Things" by Jeanette Crew Designs.

This was a gift for some dear friends who have become more family than neighbors. Our daughter considers them adopted grandparents and the feeling, I'm assured, is more than mutual. When we learned we were going to be moving to the other side of the country, Steve and I wanted to leave them something to show how much we'd appreciated everything they'd done for us. It took me longer to decide just what I wanted to do than it did to stitch it. Which is probably a good thing as I finished it two days before we had to leave and it was framed the day before we left. I will be forever grateful to the gal at Hobby Lobby who gave up her dinner break to frame it for us on the spot! The flowers and alphabet came from "Walk Humbly" found in the "Flowers and Verse" book, while the butterflies were taken from "The Omnibook of Winged Things".  Please forgive the blurriness. The glass was being less than cooperative about the photography.

(Originally typed up in 2006)

Whenever possible, I will create a link for the project title and designer in case anyone wishes to add anything to their stash.  Most times, an active link will direct you to 1-2-3 Stitch!'s online store as I've never had a bad customer service experience with this company and I tend to be loyal to a fault.  If the item is no longer for sale through Joanne, I will do my best to find another active seller, but please be forgiving if something goes out of print and my links lead you on a wild goose chase before I'm aware of their shenanigans.

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