Monday, December 29, 2014

Completions for 2001

I had hoped to fill this page with as much as the 2000 page, but I didn't quite make it. I'll blame the fact that I was working some of the year for the shortage. =)

"Home is Where You Hang Your Heart" from "101 Golden Thoughts" designed by Holly DeFount for Leisure Arts

My husband chose this design after I chickened out of a much more complicated photograph chart. Incredibly simple and quick, I stitched this one in about 6 hours while watching my kids and a couple of movies. :)

"Love One Another" from the February 2001 issue of The Cross Stitcher, designed by Pam Kellogg

The first of a series of three hearts, this one took me about 5 months to complete because I kept putting it down and not stitching for days, sometimes weeks, at a time. It's a reasonably easy pattern to stitch, as there are only full stitches and three of the quarter stitches in the lettering. Where it gets difficult is the intricate backstitching. It's very difficult to keep track of what you've already backstitched while looking at the design. If you have the ability to see something in reverse, so to speak, you might do as I did, and choose to follow the first half of the heart rather than the book while backstitching the second half. I have every intention of finishing the series, but probably not for a while yet. I need a break from all those detailed flowers. :)

"Our Little Blessing" from "Born This Day" designed by Joan Elliot for Design Works Crafts Inc. and published by Leisure Arts

An adorable birth sampler I did for a coworker. She owns Manx cats, so I left the tail out of the picture for her. I'm happy to say she absolutely loved it. I can't wait to see what she does with it. Very easy and quick to stitch, this project took me about a month, including a week of not being able to work on it for lack of the necessary colors. I will say this, though... I am no longer afraid of french knots! :) Please forgive the lousy color on the scan; the actual picture isn't really that green, but very pretty.

"Bounce" from Caron International

Well, it's not cross stitch, but it is something I did this year for my kids. :) It only took me about 3 weeks and I had a lot more trouble keeping my kids and kittens from stealing the yarn than I did working the rug. LOL! I'm happy with it, but it's nearly impossible to mess up a latchhook rug, so I guess I should be happy with it. We haven't decided where to put it yet, and I still have to stitch the edges down and get the binding for the back of it, but at least I finally got a picture of it to post here. :)

S20 - Toy Story 2 - "Buzz Lightyear"
A kit by Designer Stitches

He's finally finished! I really lost my motivation to stitch while doing this kit and it took me a good month to finish him. Now don't get me wrong; this is a VERY easy kit to stitch with more than enough quality DMC threads supplied. I just fell into the trap of sitting down with the stitching and the TV remote and somehow managing to watch two or three movies, fix meals, straighten up, etc etc without once picking up the project. My son is absolutely thrilled that I'm finished with him and has already decided on which side of Woody he's going to hang. Now about that framing...

"A True Friend" from "50 Friendship Favorites" by Leisure Arts

A quick gift I put onto a little towel for a friend before she headed for the other side of the Atlantic. Real simple, real quick, and real true.

Baby Sampler from "Pooh: Baby Collection" from Leisure Arts

I couldn't have cut it any closer to the New Year mark if I'd used a stopwatch. :) I was determined to finish this sampler before 2002 and I managed to do it about ten minutes before we rushed out the door to go to a New Year's Eve party. Of course, it's not completely finished as the baby this was stitched for hasn't yet arrived. Four months is a long time to think about, change, think about, and change the name, so I'm going to wait until he's here to stitch that information in. LOL!

(Originally typed up in 2002)

Whenever possible, I will create a link for the project title and designer in case anyone wishes to add anything to their stash.  Most times, an active link will direct you to 1-2-3 Stitch!'s online store as I've never had a bad customer service experience with this company and I tend to be loyal to a fault.  If the item is no longer for sale through Joanne, I will do my best to find another active seller, but please be forgiving if something goes out of print and my links lead you on a wild goose chase before I'm aware of their shenanigans.

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