Monday, December 29, 2014

Helloooo everyone!

Nothing special going on here. I just needed a place where I could consolidate all of my cross stitching into a virtual scrapbook of sorts.

While my original blog isn't going anywhere and seems pretty secure in its future of neglect with hit and miss updates once every other blue moon, my intention with this blog is to finally create that virtual stitching journal I've been promising myself forever.

First order of business is to essentially copy and paste all of my stitching pages from my long defunct SapphireDreams site to here.  I haven't completely mapped that out in my head yet, but I have a general idea of what I hope to set up in the near future.

After that I'll add the projects I completed this year for the various exchanges I was privileged to be accepted into.  Fair warning to my exchange partners: this means there will be pictures of the lovely gifts you bestowed upon me, too!

Last, and most certainly not least, I intend to add posts/pages detailing the "work in progress" journeys of my stitching.  I really have no idea how that's going to work in the BlogSpot world since I plan to update existing posts rather than create new ones each time, but who better to buy a ticket for the driver's seat of what promises to be a spectacular train wreck than little ole me?

Something that is going to slow my digital progress down quite a bit is my first steps into the scrapbooking world, which I may or may not reveal to the rest of the world.  I haven't decided how much I wish to humiliate myself yet.  I inherited my mother's treasure trove (enough to quite literally fill an entire room!) of scrapbooking materials and since I never got around to fulfilling her wish of seeing me learn to love this hobby the way she did while she was alive, I might as well experiment with it to create an old-fashioned, hard copy, smished out tree guts, hold in your hands, paper pages, photo journal of my cross stitching throughout the years.

I have no delusions of measuring up to my mother's unbelievable talent in scrapbooking, but my daughter Sarah has more than enough potential and interest so I'll be conscripting her to help me. Heather and Hunter will be helping to create their own scrapbooks as well, so eventually our home will be filled with albums chronicling all three of their creative legacies.

I only wish I'd matured sooner and realized how important this truly is before Sarah had grown to nearly 16.

Anyway...  Wish me luck!  This should be interesting.

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