Monday, December 29, 2014

Completions for 2013

2012 was not a stitchy year for me.  2012 was actually spent trying to get back into the workforce after a decade of staying home and chasing children.  Can we just agree that it was a colossal failure and go from there?  The big take away from that particular experiment was that I do NOT like having to answer to someone else's schedule anymore.

I managed to complete one single solitary project in December of 2012...

"It's a Wonderful Life" from Pinoy Stitch

The first stitch was put into ivory 18 count aida in June of 2011.  From about the third week on, I really disliked working on it and probably would have quit outright without the constant encouragement from everyone who saw it, as well as my desire to be able to gift it to our Pastor.

Despite this being a screen capture from one of the most beloved Christmas movies I know, I was creeped out while stitching this.  Sure, it looks all nice and pretty from a few feet away, but up close and personal...

...they looked like pixelated aliens to me.

Pastor seemed happy with the finished product and even showed it off to the congregation while I tried to crawl under my chair, so at least someone's proud of it. LOL!

Your basic, run of the mill, nametag/nameplate doohickey for a work space.

I stitched my name over 2 using an alphabet from the True Colors chart "Shaded Lettering".  The rose, stitched over 1, is the "Peace Rose" from the Jeanette Crews Designs, Inc book "Everything's Coming Up Roses".

I completed this in April of 2013, which is about a month before I decided I was tired of missing my kids and put in my notice at my job.

Mirabilia's "Cinderella"

This was a gift for our Pastor's wife.  I actually started working on her a couple of weeks before I started the Wonderful Life image, but because I was so intimidated by the fancy metallic threads I'd never worked with before, as well as the sheer number of beads... well, I suppose I can honestly say I was terrified that I would absolutely butcher this project.

Now that it's completed, I am really quite proud of the job I did.  And I can't say enough good things about Lauren from Sassy's Fabbys. She custom dyed the 32 count jobelan that I used and I'm completely thrilled with the color she came up with!

Underdog!  Who doesn't love Underdog?

We decided to include a gag gift of sorts for Pastor along with the other two projects and since he's got a tendency to randomly strike a pose and quote Underdog in the middle of his sermons, it was kind of a given that this was the direction we'd go in.  After hunting through internet images for something suitable, a message board friend kindly took the time to convert the picture into a chart and I was on my way.

The fabric was something that was gifted to me quite sometime ago and wasn't labelled as anything, but I believe it was 32 count evenweave of some kind and was actually a bright yellow that really helped the cartoon colors pop.

This was a thoroughly entertaining stitch that took me just over a month to complete.

(Originally typed up in 2014)


Whenever possible, I will create a link for the project title and designer in case anyone wishes to add anything to their stash.  Most times, an active link will direct you to 1-2-3 Stitch!'s online store as I've never had a bad customer service experience with this company and I tend to be loyal to a fault.  If the item is no longer for sale through Joanne, I will do my best to find another active seller, but please be forgiving if something goes out of print and my links lead you on a wild goose chase before I'm aware of their shenanigans.

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